In America, there is a National Food Holiday for every day of the year. This means that you can celebrate food all year long instead of only enjoying great foods on holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. This article features a list of the National Food Holidays for the month of October. You’ll even find suggestions on how to celebrate each day.

Homemade Cookies Day,  October 1st-  Don’t wait until Christmas to make homemade cookies, instead celebrate this food holiday with a big batch of chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies.

National Fried Scallops Day,  October 2nd-  If you don’t live right on the coast, you may want to visit a restaurant to enjoy this food holiday or at least buy frozen scallops. Make it a full meal with a baked potato and a large salad.

National Caramel Custard Day,  October 3th-  You have an option on this food holiday, you can either buy caramel custard or you can make some from scratch, either way this is an easy and delicious holiday to celebrate.

National Taco Day,  October 4th-  Taco Bell. Need I say more?

National Apple Betty Day,  October 5th-  Now this is a classic dessert that definitely calls for a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

National Noodle Day,  October 6th-  This is a food holiday that lets you be truly creative. Just create your favorite pasta dish or try a new recipe.

National Frappe Day,  October 7th- You can easily make a frappe at home. Just create a chocolate milkshake using ice cream, milk, and chocolate syrup but make it thinner than a regular milkshake by adding more milk.

National Fluffernutter Day,  October 8th-  Now this is a food holiday that will take you back to your childhood. A Fluffernutter is fresh white bread, peanut butter, and marshmallow cream. Serve with a big of glass milk.

Submarine-Hoagy-Hero-Grinder Day,  October 9th Subway. Need I say more? Okay, okay. Go to a great deli and a great bakery and get all your favorite sandwich ingredients and build the ultimate sub.

National Angel Food Cake Day October 10thThis food holiday is so easy to celebrate. Just pick up an angel food cake at your grocery store along with strawberries, sugar, and whipped cream. Slice the strawberries and sprinkle with sugar. Allow the berries to sit until a syrup forms. Pour over a slice of angel food cake and top with sweetened whipped cream.

National Sausage Pizza Day,  October 11: Enjoy this food holiday by sautéing ground sausage with sliced onions. Top a pizza crust with your favorite pizza sauce, provolone and mozzarella cheese, and the sausage and onion mixture. Bake until golden brown and enjoy.

National Gumbo Day,  October 12th Celebrate this food holiday by going out to a local Cajun restaurant. Even better, make a trip to New Orleans for the real thing.

National Yorkshire Pudding Day,  October 13th Yorkshire Pudding is actually a British dish, so how this became a National American Food Holiday is uncertain, but find a recipe for Yorkshire Pudding and serve it with roast beef which is very traditional.

National Chocolate-Covered Insects Day,  October 14th This is a food holiday I would never, ever celebrate. But, during October you can also find chocolate candy that is shaped like insects. Celebrate that way.

National Chicken Cacciatore Day,  October 15thTreat yourself to a delicious meal at the finest Italian restaurant on this food holiday.

National Liqueur Day,  October 16th I don’t drink alcohol, but if you want to celebrate you could make your favorite drink at home or go to a nice restaurant.

National Pasta Day,  October 17thOctober is just loaded with Italian style holidays. To enjoy this food holiday, prepare a huge batch of spaghetti and slip into a delightful carb coma.

National Chocolate Cupcake Day,  October 18th Go all out on this food holiday and create chocolate cupcakes that are beyond decadent. Try adding candy to the cake batter and make homemade chocolate buttercream frosting.

National Seafood Bisque Day,  October 19th There are so many different bisques to choose from. Try making a lobster or crab bisque at home. This is a great way to spend a cool October evening.

National Brandied Fruit Day,  October 20th Again, I don’t have alcohol in my home or prepare recipes that call for alcohol. But, you can find many recipes online for this dish.

National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day,  October 21: Pumpkin cheesecake is a match made in heaven. You have the wonderful taste of pumpkin pie with the creaminess of cheesecake. I highly suggest celebrating this food holiday.

National Nut Day,  October 22nd Don’t just open a can of nuts on this tasty food holiday. Instead make pralines or sugared nuts.

National Boston Cream Pie Day,  October 23rd Have fun with this fun holiday and make Boston Cream Cupcakes. Just bake vanilla cupcakes and when they are cool, stuff them with vanilla pudding. Then frost them with chocolate frosting and enjoy.

National Bologna Day, October 24th Step back to your childhood on this fine food holiday and enjoy a fried bologna sandwich.

National Greasy Foods Day,  October 25th Only in America would we have a delicious holiday like this. Get out your deep fryer and make French fries, chicken tenders, deep fried Oreos, deep fried candy bars, and anything else that looks friable.

Pumpkin Day,  October 26thIs there any better way to celebrate this food holiday than having a big piece of Pumpkin pie? I didn’t think so.

National Potato Day,  October 27th On this food holiday do something fun and make a potato buffet. Bake up several large potatoes and put out several toppings for everyone to choose from.

National Chocolate Day,  October 28th Do something truly decadent on for this food holiday and order a box of Godiva chocolates. Schedule them to arrive on this fabulous day.

National Oatmeal Day,  October 29th Skip the bowl of oatmeal and bake oatmeal cookies.

National Candy Corn Day,  October 30th Do something fun the day before Halloween and make your own candy corn from scratch.

National Candy Apple Day,  October 31st While candy apples are delicious, why not make caramel apples instead? Buy Kraft Caramels and melt them according to package directions. Dip your apples into the caramel, then into melted chocolate, and then roll them in nuts. This is a Halloween treat everyone will love.

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