– My vacation on Ko Samet (by Jiří Pleskot) – A Holiday Blog

These holiday are great. Why? Because we’re on a vacation on island of Ko Samet in Thailand. We arrived three days ago in Bangkok and then we get to the island by a bus and a boat. It was long and exhausting.

vcjbvuhbvuhbvyuhbvu.jpgThe weather here is very nice. It’s very sunny, but sometimes stormy and rainy. This strong weather is there bacause it’s very close to the equator.

Yesterday a tropical thunderstorm arrived. So we stayed in our bungalow. That was a shame. We’re here only for 7 days and yestarday was completely wasted.

Today, we’re just chilling on the beach and we propably won’t do anything special.

sgfhdgfzugfzudsTomorrow we’re going on a trip to the jungle.  I’m super excited, because I always wanted to visit a jungle. But I’m also a bit affraid of poisonous animals, because I’m not sure if they live here or not.

Only 5 days left, and we’re going back home. I know it isn’t even a half, but I can imagine right now how much I will miss this amazing place.fsagfzygvdzubcvudfbvufd

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