– Iceland Trip Recap: Our Itinerary & Noken Review

Noken Travel App Review

Even though this trip was in partnership with Noken, I could not recommend the travel app enough. I will 1000% be using the Noken travel app anytime I visit to one of their destinations. I love how seamless the whole process was and how little work I had to do on the front end. As someone who travels often for work/pleasure, I still find that I spend a lot of time researching hotels, where to eat, activities to do that time of year, what to expect, etc. With the Noken travel app, all that is done for you, and so much more! Going into the trip I didn’t plan anything except ask you guys for a few dinner recommendations and not once did I feel unprepared during our trip.

App Features

The app breaks down everything by day as well as what you need to know before you go. This includes a packing guide, driving tips, as well as a customer service contact just in case you run into any issues. Another great feature is the app automatically saves an offline version, that way if you are without service, you can still access everything, including a live map. This was a life-saver for us when our hotspot stopped working!

Daily Itinerary Ideas

Each day the app gives you a flexible itinerary based on where you are and what you can do nearby. Within each option, there are numerous suggestions including directions, images, and what you need to know before you go. It takes all the planning/prep work out, so you can literally decide that day (or night before), what you want to do! I personally love this because I’m more of a “fly by the seat of my pants” traveler and like to just go with the flow. I think if everything is too planned out, it tends to feel less of a vacation because I’m having to adhere to a strict schedule.

Restaurant Recommendations

Not only does the app help to recommend daily activities, but it suggests a wide range of restaurants for all meals throughout the day. One thing I loved about the app is how prepared it is for your needs; meaning one of the days were going to be driving a lot, and most places outside Reykjavik close at 9pm so the app made sure to let us know to eat before we got back to our hotel, otherwise we would have been out of luck for dinner that night.

Advanced Bookings

This was probably one of the best features (besides the driving directions/map). Everything we knew we wanted to do/needed bookings for was already taken care of and the booking confirmations/tickets were saved in the app. We never had to research when to go, wait in lines to buy tickets, etc. Everything was booked and paid for ahead of time which was such a relief!

Overall Experience

I love everything about this app and as I mentioned, I cannot recommend it enough. I love that being able to explore at our own pace, choose what we want to see, and be spontaneous! We had the comfort of a plan, with the freedom to create our own adventure.

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