With a quick trip to the hardware store and some household appliances on hand, you can create a ghost like illusion as seen in Disney’s Haunted Mansion and other amusement park rides.

Things You’ll Need

  • Old television set

  • Plexiglass

  • Black curtains


    • 1
      Prepare or purchase a video to use that will that will have the image you wish to project. As with other haunted houses, the popular image to have on tape to project is an individual’s head that is either saying something or singing a song. If you choose to video tape yourself for this project, make sure that only your head is visible. You want the rest of your body (shoulders, chest, etc.) to be dark so they are not visible.
    • 2
      Place the video or DVD in the television or the video player that you will be using.
    • 3
      Play the video on the television that you will be using.
    • 4
      Use the contrast buttons or options on your television to make the background of the video as dark as possible and the image that will be projected as bright as possible without actually blurring the image.
    • 5
      Bring the television set with the video, completely ready to play, over to the window where you wish to show the image. More than likely, this will be your front window.
    • 6
      Place the television set upside down under the window so that the screen is pointing towards the ceiling.
    • 7
      Place a table by the window. Positioned it with the head of the table is pointed towards the window, leaving a gap large enough between the window and the table to allow the television’s projection to shoot straight up unobstructed. In order, you should have your window, television set, and table lined up in a row with none of these items overlapping, as this will obstruct the projection coming from the television.
    • 8
      Place a piece of plexiglass at a 45-degree angle between the window and on top of the table (the table is specifically used for resting the plexiglass). Make sure that the plexiglass is directly over the television as this will be used to show the ghost projection.
    • 9
      Place dark curtains or any other dark material behind and around the table, television and plexiglass. This will keep any outside light from coming in behind your projection and will allow you to project much brighter.
    • 10
      Turn on the television set and watch your ghost-like illusion project onto the plexiglass.
    • 11
      Adjust the contrast on the television set if needed.

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