Beautiful above and underwater landscape of a tropical resort – French Polynesia – A Holiday Blog

by Anna Neubauerová

Huba – buga, huba – buga! Yahoo! Can you hear it? Oh no, of course you can’t, but I can and it’s wildly impulsive. Right now, I’m deep in one of  locals rain forest at an Indian party. Ups, I almost forget to say you, where I am! Last few days, I am enjoying at Tahiti, most beautiful island you can imagine. I arrived here two days ago. The weather is practically perfect, sun shines all day. I’m actually little bit missing wind. At the sky, there isn’t even one little cloud, the stars are showing us their faces. Yesterday I did a little research of their soil. How interesting (maybe not so for you)! Tomorrow I am going to find some sharks! I won’t lie, I’m a little bit scared about this… But never mind! I won’t forgive myself, if I don’t try! As you already know, now I am at the Indian party. It’s unbelievable! Natives are dancing around a huge fire or with fire and singing their clan’s songs and ballads. I would never even think about something as unusual as this! Indian community is so special, like no other in whole world. Unfortunately I am leaving after two more days. I’ll be missing this place so much!Beautiful above and underwater landscape of a tropical resortfoi3b7.jpgSharks-in-Tahiti.jpg

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