.  Make this ahead of the Christmas season and your children will enjoy finding what little treasures and candies lie beneath the lids of the holiday tin advent calendar.


UPDATE: Wow, and I thought I was being so clever, Martha beat me to it by a whole year! Check out her version!
The long Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect opportunity to get started on some of those Christmas crafts you’ve got planned. I started a little early this year so that I could share this little project with you and I hope you enjoy.
Some of my fondest holiday memories from childhood were around the advent calendar. My grandfather would mail us one every year and I can remember how excited we were every day to open the tiny doors to see the surprise inside! Typically chocolate but sometimes a small trinket or toy.
This project is a new take on the traditional advent calendar and one that will easily last for years. With just a few basic supplies, theses metal storage tins transform into a fun holiday count down. Cheers!



• 25 Small 41 mm Metal Tins with Glass Tops
Available through Packaging Specialties order by phone at 206.762.0540
and online at Polymer Clay Express
• Advent Calendar Downloadable PDF (See Below)
• Magnetic Sheets (Available at Office Supply Stores)
• Craft Glue or Strong Double-Sided Tape
• X-Acto Knife
• Bone Folder
• 1 4/8″ Craft Punch (Optional)


1. Begin by downloading and printing the Advent Calendar PDF. With an x-acto knife, trim out along black lines. Once circles are trimmed, cut inwards making small slits along outer rim. Be sure to cut only to the edge of the color. This will aid in fitting the rounds inside the lids.
2. With the inside of the lid facing up, place number on top, face down and press into place. Secure by rubbing the pointy end along the inside edge of the tin top.
3. To make them magnetic, cut circular shape slightly smaller than the tin from magnetic sheeting. This can be done with either a craft punch or x-acto knife. Glue to bottom of tin, making sure not to glue magnetic side (the dark side).
4. Fill tins with small candies, toys, cute paper clips, whatever will fit and your family will enjoy!
5. Arrange magnets on fridge or any other magnetic surface. Place in rectangular numerical order, in the shape of a tree, or arrange them randomly for added hunting fun. The possibilities are endless so have fun!


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