Another one of my finds while looking for some Halloween Ideas and inspiration.  I even made some of these and my wife, took it  to work and put them on her desk.  I really like these, the are also a good idea at Christmas time.  Brought to you by .  These are really simple and are a nice gift for someone special.

Misc. Monday – Halloween Paper Centerpiece

Hi Friends!

 In case you didn’t get to see it over at Eighteen25 last week,
I thought I would post on here my tutorial for the

Halloween Paper Centerpiece

This project was SOOO much fun and would be an awesome craft nite with the girlfriends.

I hope you like it.


– Box/Vase/Cart to use as Centerpiece Base
-Floral Foam (Found at the Dollar Store)
-Spanish Moss (Found at the Dollar Store)
-Foam Brush
-Scrapbook Paper
-Hot Glue




1. Begin by picking out your Halloween Paper (BEWARE: there are so many stinkin’ cute ones at the Scrapbook stores right now!!), and cut TWO 12 inch strips that are 1 inch – 2.5 inches wide (per accordion flower).




2. Put two strips together and fold back and forth until you are all the way through. Then, hot glue the two ends together as well as the other ends so it makes a circle.







3. Push edges of strips IN to make an accordion flower. Hot glue center and hold, and do the same on back. For another tutorial on these flowers, I used one HERE.




4. Paint skewers the desired color you’d like and let dry. I stuck mine into the floral foam to dry.




5. I wanted to add a little something to the skewers, so I cut out .2 inch white strips of vinyl and twisted them along the skewer. My hubby is super smart and suggested I stick them in his drill, turn it on, and let the drill do the twisting. It takes seconds (isn’t he smart?). (I used black electrical tape, something everyone has, for the stripping)





6. Add buttons or other embellishments to your flowers.
I used some of these FREE vintage Halloween Prints from Matthew Mead found HERE.





7. Hot glue skewers to backs of flowers. Set aside.
8. Add floral foam and moss to your centerpiece base.
I got my Halloween Box at Hobby Lobby for $7.
Not too bad. (when I made mine I used a styrofoam pumpkin)

9. Stick skewers through the moss and foam into your base and arrange as desired

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