Grouped together on the mantel, Drac-o’-lantern and pals create a Transylvanian scene. Run-of-the-mill pushpins turn into devilish red eyes. I found these on .  Enjoy making these from real pumpkins or if you want them year after year, use the small fake ones.

Tools and Materials

Thumbtack or pin
Small white pumpkin (For a big bite, choose a small pumpkin so the plastic vampire teeth seem huge)
Miniature saw
Plastic vampire teeth
Small red map tacks

  1. Print mouth template. Lay template on pumpkin, and poke thumbtack through, all along outline, to transfer design. Cut out with saw; remove excess flesh.
  2. Wedge teeth into hole.
  3. For eyes, pin map tacks onto pumpkin.
  4. Fangs, Map pins, 1/8 inch, in Red;

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