This comes from .  I thought these were really neat and very inventive. Enjoy making a few of these to go on that special tree or even give them to friends and family.  They will enjoy them on their three for years to come.

Today I made these decorative rosettes! They’re ornaments. They are fairly easy to make and super charming. Here’s how I did it…

I picked up some scrapbooking embellishments at Joann’s. Michael’s also carries this brand, K & Co.

And grabbed one of the old music books I buy on eBay all the time for $1 or so.

Tore out some pages. {No, I don’t feel bad doing this at all. It’s not worth anything and no one is going to sit down and play music from the 50s. I’m giving it new life!}

Trimmed each page down to a 4″ x 8″ piece.

Like so. {Don’t mind my weathered self-healing mat. It’s been with me through a million & one craft projects. Christmas gift hint?}

Totally optional, but I like the effect of scalloping the 8″ edges. Zig zag shears work really well, too.

With a pencil, on one side only, I marked each 1/2 inch.

Use those marks as your guide to fold every 1/2 inch, accordion style. You don’t want to use paper that is too old, I have some from the 1850s and it just fell apart when I folded it.

When you’re done folding, your ends should both be folded in the same direction. The side they end on will be the back of the rosette.

Now, crease it in the middle by folding the strip in half both ways.

Should look like this. Now, it’s time to glues the sides together.

Be gentle and take care not to rip the paper. I use Mod Podge to adhere the sides because, well, I use Mod Podge for pretty much everything… and pinch it together with mini-binder clips for 5-10 minutes, or longer if you want.

Not too hard, right?

Now is the fun part, decorating the rosette. Get creative. I simply glued on the embellishments. They are adhesive already, but I wanted a super strong hold so I used a little hot glue to get them to really stick.

Another option I love is to punch out scalloped circles from glitter paper.

And attach small embellishments to it…

and then attach that to your rosette! I love the sparkle!

These are so much fun to make, you can do them a million different ways.

Now you can add a bow with your ribbon hang by punching some small holes through your rosette and stringing ribbon through and securing it in front with a bow. But this is riskier and you’re more likely to tear, so…

There’s also this option, tie a knot to make a ribbon loop and simply hot glue it to the back.

They will look lovely on a Christmas tree but also just around the house, adding pretty to your decor.

OR attach one to each Christmas present to your friends & family! It would look lovely on a gift and they can also take it home and treasure it themselves.

I made 10 in a jiffy… now I’m off to make more…


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