– 5 Ways You Can Spend More Time Traveling

The never-ending cycle of 9-to-5 living can drain the emotional batteries of even the most diligent employees. You wake up and go to work, come home and sleep, only for the cycle to begin when your alarm clock sounds its 7 AM wake-up call.

Spending eight hours desk-chair-bound can wreak havoc on working professionals’ mental and physical health alike. Even if you love your job, you are bound to feel the sting of workplace burnout. When you feel your attention span growing shorter and your focus drifting from work to other thoughts, consider your deteriorating productivity a sign that it’s time for a vacation.

When you’re in the grind of submitting quarterly reports and powering through your overflowing inbox, it can be easy to skip over the fact that you need and deserve a break. But the truth is that taking a break is worth it because you will come back to work feeling recharged and motivated, with a fresh supply of profit-boosting ideas.

If you’re debating using your vacation days, there’s no time like the present. Book your flight, pack your bag, and reward yourself with a once-in-a-lifetime cross-country adventure.

Find a job in the travel industry

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The most effective way to make traveling a central part of your month-to-month life is to score a travel industry job. So ditch your cubicle and kickstart your travel job hunt. There are a myriad of opportunities where hopping on a plane is the workplace norm. That said, it’s time you take the plunge and make traveling a way of life. When working as a flight attendant, a travel CNA, or on a cruise ship, you’ll build an impressive collection of passport stamps in a flash.

Take advantage of holidays and personal time off

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Using up your sick days every year is a critical step in recovering from workplace burnout. If you don’t take advantage of these benefits, you waste precious time that could be spent with your loved ones and family creating new experiences. Even if you just use days off for your mental health, you’re bound to notice a spike in productivity upon your return.

Plan a shorter trip

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If your best efforts fail, and you cannot take a full week off, a short trip is better than no trip at all. If you have a weekend free, plan a road trip to a city near your home base and explore what your neighboring towns have to offer.  Any seasoned traveler knows that global travel isn’t necessary to satiate your craving for adventure, especially when there are opportunities to step out of your comfort zone in your own backyard.

Work remotely

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Working remotely from home is the way of the future. With so many companies switching to fully remote or adding virtual elements to the way they conduct business, working in this capacity might be a perfect fit. If you are a self-motivated, organized person, look into remote working opportunities in your interest field, given that these position openings will provide you with the freedom you need to travel the world and replenish your bank account simultaneously.

Before you book your flight

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In the world of rush hour commutes, long meetings, and limited leave, traveling will improve your mental health, boost your productivity, and make a noticeable difference in your workplace satisfaction. It is time to book that flight to Amsterdam, go on on that road trip down Route 66, and finally recharge your professional battery.

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