Month: November 2016

International Bazar Luxembourg

Big event this weekend in Luxembourg. This International Bazar gathers representatives from more than 20 countries, ready to share their traditions. Held yearly, this is the most multicultural place of the city for two days. Best thing about it? Definetly the food. Even if I got there with a huge appetite, I couldn’t try everything Read More

Ghent…this lovely city

Just 30 minutes away driving from Brussels towards Brugges and you arrive to this lovely place named Ghent. Might be tempted to skip it, but it would be such a shame… Ghent is the place where you feel a princess. Just look at that castle behind. Actually, the castle was a pleasant surprise and i Read More

Belgian waffles

Belgian sweet delights

Tastefully speaking, Belgium is not only about beer and chocolate. Of course, there are lots of shops with hundreds of beer opportunities, as well as others with chocolates, but what I really want to share with everybody is the sweets’ variety. I hope I didn’t picture the obvious this time, but the following: First choice, Read More


Brussels, Belgium – Mini Europe

Mini Europe was the nicest surprise Brussels had for me. Located at 10 minutes walk from the Atomium, this lovely place makes you feel like you are visiting the entire continent in just one hour. It suited perfectly my passion for traveling. First, I recalled the cities I really visited, like London, Paris, Algarve area Read More

Brussels, Belgium – the Atomium

The first day of the trip was completely dedicated to Belgium’s capital city, Brussels. Just 3 hours away by car from Luxembourg, Brussles greeted us with a splendid late autumn weather: 16 Celsius and a nice, sunny sky. The sight seeing started with the famous Atomium. Build for the World Expo held inĀ 1958 and featuring Read More