Month: October 2016

Achensee, Austria – a place which cannot be missed

Join me in my happiness by reading my very first published article about travelling, on a profile site. Read all about Achensee, the beautiful lake from the austrian mountains and see spectacular pictures on Travelicious (click here). Thank you and enjoy! Feel free to share your impressions and comments.   Read More

Getting ready…

  I am going to enjoy this beautiful ride for the next days Lady of the rings #StapanaInelelor Read More

About next weekend…

Weekend is almost here and I got used to spend it outside the city I live in (even outside the country) So, this time is going to be mainly Belgium and shortly Netherlands. I rented a fancy (?) car and i am going to start with Brussels, driving all the way to Ghent, then to Read More

Hello world!

I am here to share my travel experience with you. Don’t miss it! Read More